Next.js provides a solution to all of the commonly faced problems during development with React.js. But more importantly, it puts you and your team in the pit of success when building React applications.

Next.js has the best-in-class “Developer Experience” and many built-in features;

To name a few of them:

👋 Hey! I’m learning about Redux today. I’ve found that the best way for me to learn is to simply write it out as I go about doing it. It’s useful for me, and hopefully for you too

What is Redux?

Redux promotes itself as a predictable state container for JavaScript apps.


Achieving the three Rs of software development: Refactorability, Reusability, and Readability

Good code is easy to understand and maintain. It achieves the three Rs of Software Architecture: Refactorability, Reusability & Readability.

Achieving the three Rs has always been important but has become even more so, in recent years. Products are often implemented in multiple ways for a variety of audiences, devices…

Here have the most commonly asked HTML5 And CSS interview questions and answers.

1. Why do we use HTML5?

Ans: HTML means hypertext markup language. It helps us to create an easy graphical web page audio video image animation and also link different pages. some point I mention

2. How do you open a popup window using HTML 5?

In this article, we will focus on some of the important JavaScript methods. The sections will be broken down by module.

Javascript String Methods

1. charAt()

When we want to access the individual characters in a string.

const name = "Thor"

In another way, we also find a specific character in our string…

React 17

When you want a Web Developer job, In the Interview you will be faced with ReactJS related questions. So, here are some of the most Interview Questions about ReactJS, that can help you in the Interview.

1. React is not a framework it’s a library.

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